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ELEBOX-11K-HVT 23.04kwh Liquid-cooled with thermal management energy storage system, Sanming, Fujian, China

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Information of the project

Liquid-cooled with thermal management energy storage system project, the total power of PV is 30kw, the total capacity of energy storage battery is 23.04kwh.

What is a solar home energy storage system?
After installing solar panels, the energy they produce needs to be converted into electricity for your home. There are several ways to do this - you can stay connected to the grid, go completely off the grid, or have a hybrid electricity system.

A hybrid electricity system means that your solar panels stay connected to the grid's power lines and have a battery backup system to store excess power. The solar energy absorbed by the solar panels is passed through an inverter to produce usable electricity. From there, the electricity either goes to your home, to your batteries or to the grid.

The benefit of a hybrid solar system is that you will always have power in any situation. With a battery backup, the excess energy produced by your solar panels (but not used by your home) is stored in that battery. This battery will then provide you with power at night, during a system outage or during inclement weather when the sun is not shining.

With a hybrid solar system, you have the ability to draw power from the grid if you were to deplete all the power in the battery.

A hybrid solar system works by sending solar energy to your inverter, which then sends energy to power your house. The extra energy not used to power your home goes into your home battery for storage.

This battery can then power your home when your solar panels are not producing energy. After all these steps, if there is still energy left, it is sent to the grid.

  • Overcome limitations, of the electrical grid to build ultra-fast charging networks anywhere
  • Accelerate roll out, with simpler, faster, more flexible charging system setup
  • Meet sustainability goals, with a system that’s easily recycled, and which emits 23x less kg of CO2 per kWh

Technical description

PV Total Power
10 years guarantee
Battery Total Capacity
Invert power
20 Kw - 98% efficiency
Installation type
Steel Structure

Project result

The effect achieved after the project is completed

Power of station
30 KW
Annual Reduce CO2 emissions
98.8 T
Annual Output
8409 KWh
Annual Saving standard coal
30.4 T
Saving (At local electricity rates)
$ 30,500 / 10 years
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Warranty 10 years
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