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Bettenergy has been specializing in manufacturing advanced lithium batteries for over 10 years. Since our inception, we have been providing professional custom lithium batteries with our extensive experience in R&D, design and manufacturing

Services offered

  • Provide solutions according to customer's technical requirements within 24 hours
  • Competitive advantages due to unconventional, technological adept solutions
  • Production of series of several 10,000 units in the shortest time
  • Manufacturing and testing capacities from functional samples to mass production
  • More than 10 years of experience in customized solutions

We’re Here to Help You

Do you offer OEM or ODM service for LFP battery Solution?
Yes. Bettenergy is aiming to supply customized and integrated solar & battery storage the full system solutions based on hybrid inverter and LiFePO4 battery technology. we offer white lable OEM & ODM service. we are LFP battery specialized solution provider mianly in energy storage field. You can please inform us by your applications, inverter brand and model name. We will select or customize LFP battery system for you.
What's your battery warranty years?
We offer standard factory warranty which is valid 10 years for battery product, from the date of installation or no more than 10 and a half years from the delivery date from factory. The battery capacity will be no less than 70% within 10 years or 10MWh battery through put per kWh of the initial installation date by conditions charge rate is no more than 0.5C, and environment temperature should be in the range of 0℃ to 30℃.
If battery has issues, how you proceed for warranty?
We would like to work with local distributers and installers together. Our engineer will remotely check the issues by software, this need local installer assistance. If it is software issue, the battery can be repaired by firmware update. If it is battery hardware issue, we will be responsible for BMS or cell module replacement.
How much total voltage I need for a high voltage battery system?
This depends on inverter battery side specifications. For three hybrid inverter, it is always around 150V to 600V. We just need to consider this HV battery system volatge is being in this range. Foe example, 200V 50Ah, you will have 10kWh battery capacity, and 400V 50Ah you will have 20kWh battery capacity.
Why we use high voltage battery?
High voltage battery always works with three phase hybrid inverters, which need a higher battery output. Also due to PV panel Watt power and inverter MPPT voltage is higher and higher, so for hybrid inverter, it needs a higher battery voltage.
How many cycles can achieve for your battery cells?
BYD and CTAL brand new cells can achieve 6000 cycles @ 25℃, 0.5C conditions. Also please know in 1C condition it is about 3500 cycles.

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