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Residential high voltage home energy storage project with Growatt SPH series inverters

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Information of the project

The project is located in Kroppenstedt, Germany and uses 20KW PV modules with a 12.8 kWh lithium battery and a Growatt hybrid inverter.

  • People are investing in energy storage systems as the grid evolves, creating long-term benefits and reliability for years to come.
  • Energy storage can save money on the operating costs of supplying electricity to the grid, as well as for electricity consumers who install storage in their homes and businesses.
  • Energy storage provides flexibility to the grid to ensure uninterrupted power to consumers anytime, anywhere.
  • Meet sustainability goals, with a system that’s easily recycled, and which emits 23x less kg of CO2 per kWh

Technical description

PV Total Power
20 Kw
10 years guarantee
Battery Total Capacity
12 Kwh
Invert power
10 Kw - 97.75% efficiency
Frame type

Project result

The effect achieved after the project is completed

Power of station
20 KW
Annual Reduce CO2 emissions
3.44 T
Annual Output
4.38 MWh
Annual Saving standard coal
1.75 T
Saving (At local electricity rates)
$ 3,208 / 10 years
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