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Qingdao Hybrid System Project

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Information of the project

The project is located in Qingdao and is a hybrid home energy storage project. The project uses 15KW PV modules, 10KWh lithium batteries for energy storage combined with Solis Hybrid inverter. Providing back-up power to the home

  • Integrated MPPT charge controller
  • Configurable grid or solar input priority
  • Optional WIFI/ GPRS remote monitoring
  • Parallel for scalability

Technical description

PV Total Power
15 Kw
10 years guarantee
Battery Total Capacity
10 Kwh
Invert power
10 Kw - 97.75% efficiency
Installation type

Project result

The effect achieved after the project is completed

Power of station
17 Kw
Annual Reduce CO2 emissions
3.8 T
Annual Output
4.8 MWh
Annual Saving standard coal
2 T
$ 3.400 / 10 years
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