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Container Cabinet

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Container EnergyStorageSystem

Outdoor Cabinet

Outdoor Cabinet Small Outdoor Projects Solution





Bettenergy’ outdoor BESS is the perfect solution for those wanting to cut costs on their small outdoor projects.

Our system is designed to include only the resources you require. Best used for small to medium size projects.

For large projects, we recommend our container cabinet.

Container Cabinet

Container Cabinet Solution





Our container is the ultimate solution for those who want to save the biggest costs on their projects.

Our customizable container is only limited by your imagination. The container cabinets come in three sizes; 10, 20 and 40 feet and is fire, smoke & water suppressed.

Modular Off-the-Shelf Approach:

Scalable from 70kWh-5MWh+, with
selections of over 300 power output
designs starting from 30kW, offering
great flexibility in C&I applications

IoT & Cloud-based Operation:

Remote operation and prevention
system reduces troubleshooting

Dynamic Rate Support:

Charge/Discharge rate from 30
minutes to 10+ hours

Adaptable Solutions:

Bidirectional AC/DC PCS with on, off,
or on & off grid connected system
within a flexible enclosure

Extended Operational Life:

Retention of system’s useable capacity
after 10+ years with ability to augment the system

Leading Sustainability:

Offerings include a Fire Suppression
System with low/zero emissions


We Created a Huge
Amount Creative Projects

The products are all processed by Bettenergy's self-developed core technologies, and the products have passed CE ROHS IEC62619 certification. Products are exported to the European Union, the Middle East, and many African countries.

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