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battery pack

How to properly maintain a lithium iron phosphate battery pack

lithium-iron phosphate battery pack operating environment requirements

Lithium iron phosphate battery pack operating environment requirements: according to the environmental requirements of the battery, the room temperature should not exceed 55 ℃, it is recommended that the ambient temperature should be maintained between 0 ℃ ~ 55 ℃. Prevent direct sunlight on the battery, sunrise windows should be shaded. Ensure that sufficient maintenance space is reserved between lithium-ion battery packs.

The use of lithium-iron phosphate ion battery precautions

Different specifications, different models of lithium-iron phosphate battery pack is prohibited in the same DC power supply system, different degrees of new and old batteries should not be mixed in the same DC power supply system. If there is a centralised monitoring system for power and environment, the total voltage, current, individual module voltage, temperature and capacity of the battery pack should be monitored in real time through the centralised monitoring system for power and environment and BMS. At the same time, through the battery monitoring device to understand the battery charging and discharging curve and performance, regular actual measurement, found fault timely treatment.

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lithium iron phosphate ion battery often check the project

Lithium iron phosphate ion battery pack should be frequently checked for loose poles and connecting strips. Whether there is damage, deformation or corrosion and other phenomena. Connection is not loose, the battery shell is not damaged, leakage and deformation, the battery and connection temperature rise is not abnormal. According to the technical parameters supplied by the manufacturer and the environmental conditions on site, check whether the voltage of the battery pack and the single module meet the requirements and detect whether the charging current of the battery pack during intermittent float charging is within the required range. Test whether the charging current limit value of the lithium-ion battery pack is set correctly. Frugally test whether the low voltage alarm and high voltage alarm settings of the battery pack are correct.

lithium-iron phosphate ion battery even charging, float charging operation voltage requirements

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Lithium-ion iron phosphate battery pack intermittent charging voltage is generally set to single cell: 3.60 ~ 3.76V, high voltage DC output voltage of 278V. monthly measurement of battery pack voltage and single cell terminal voltage and battery monitoring display comparison, find the problem in time to deal with.

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