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Microsoft data centers to feed Ireland's renewable energy grid with energy storage batteries

Today, Ireland's nearly 400 wind farms supply more than 35 percent of the island's electricity. This green energy is transmitted through the grid to farms, businesses and homes, helping utilities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide from fossil...

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PV generation

Photovoltaic + energy storage into the future development trend and the working mode of photovoltaic energy storage equipment

Today, the development of new energy sources has two major driving forces. First, for human development as well as sustainability there must be energy, and it must be new, clean energy. Second, for human development to be sustainable, there must be...

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solar grid

Zhuhai Plans to Add 2GW of PV Generation by 2025

The government of Zhuhai, which is a major city in the China’s Guangdong Province, formally released its energy development strategy under the 14th Five-Year Plan on July 26. According to the strategy, the city’s generation capacity will increase by 7,700MW to...

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Germany's home energy storage system installation has reached 100,000 units

Thomas Bareiß, State Secretary of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, recently attended an official event to celebrate the successful deployment of Germany's 100,000th battery energy storage system in Eichwalde, which Bareiß said would be an "important milestone"...

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Upgraded home energy storage system Modular structure makes it easy to add more batteries

Battery manufacturer Bettenergy updated its 2.56kWh AC-coupled modular energy storage system, which was launched at the end of 2018, for customers in North America,Europe, Australia and New Zealand. And, approximately more than 1,500 homes worldwide have installed and deployed up to...

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