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Upgraded home energy storage system Modular structure makes it easy to add more batteries

Battery manufacturer Bettenergy updated its 2.56kWh AC-coupled modular energy storage system, which was launched at the end of 2018, for customers in North America,Europe, Australia and New Zealand. And, approximately more than 1,500 homes worldwide have installed and deployed up to 50,000 kW of this energy storage system.


The updated system continues to use lithium iron phosphate (LFP) in the battery, as this battery provides higher current ratings, long cycle life and excellent thermal stability, as well as enhanced safety and tolerability.

The ELEBOX energy storage system weighs approximately 45 kg and is available in a high-voltage version as a rule, with a custom low-voltage version available upon request. Easy to install and adjustable in size to ensure that each of its systems matches the unique energy needs of each home. Due to its modular construction, additional batteries can be easily added over time and as energy use changes.

The improved time-of-use tariff (TOU) software will enable homeowners to optimize the value of their PV systems with the support of a scalable platform that serves evolving energy storage uses such as residential peak shifting and grid services.

In addition to supply chain and time-of-use (TOU) software enhancements, the new version of the ELEBOX system has an enhanced battery management unit design, which effectively monitors battery health and increases product safety and reliability.

Bettenergy says the range is expected to deliver a minimum of 5.12kWh and a maximum of 25.6, but of course the power can be increased depending on demand. The battery is designed to be part of an integrated, integrated energy management platform that integrates control of off-grid and grid-connected solar storage systems. It will retain key product features, including ease of installation, security, modularity and scalability, and is expected to add features such as backup, outdoor ratings and faster charging and discharging.

A focus on technology development is a key factor for any energy company to stay ahead of the curve, and Bettenergy opened an R&D facility in 2018 in Sanming, Fujian Province, China, with a 10 million RMB ($1.486 million) investment aimed at supporting the company's internationalization and driving innovation and synergies between home storage and power conversion technologies.

Comments (3)

Adam Edwards
December 16, 2021

My load power is about 15KW, so how many modules do I need to equip to have enough?

Helen Smith
December 16, 2021

I have learned about their products and I think 7 modules is the best solution for you

Samanta Adams
December 16, 2021

This stacked battery is perfect for home energy storage projects, and its modular structure makes it easy to add more batteries

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