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Germany's home energy storage system installation has reached 100,000 units

Thomas Bareiß, State Secretary of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, recently attended an official event to celebrate the successful deployment of Germany's 100,000th battery energy storage system in Eichwalde, which Bareiß said would be an "important milestone" in the country's energy transition.

Thomas Bareiß, Parliamentary State Secretary of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, attended the deployment ceremony of the energy storage system.

Since 2013, battery costs have fallen by more than 50 percent, making battery storage systems more affordable and expanding flexibility options, supplying grid operators with smart load management, and enhancing energy security.

Thomas Bareiß

The next milestone is to reach 200,000 home energy storage systems in the next two years, said BSWSolar's managing director. Germany appears to be on track to achieve this goal faster than other countries.

Analysts at Delta-ee, a European energy market monitor, discussed some of the drivers behind the uptick, including sales and marketing tailored to households' needs.

According to BSWSolar, one million German households today have their own solar power systems, and the future of home energy storage systems is promising.

Carsten Körnig, head of German solar trade group BSWSolar, said the German public is willing to invest in the technology in the future and is responding positively to an incentive program introduced by government authorities five years ago that provides discounts on energy storage equipment purchases. systems will become a "standard.

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