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Zhuhai Plans to Add 2GW of PV Generation by 2025

The government of Zhuhai, which is a major city in the China’s Guangdong Province, formally released its energy development strategy under the 14th Five-Year Plan on July 26. According to the strategy, the city’s generation capacity will increase by 7,700MW to reach 13,890MW by 2025.

To raise its PV generation capacity, Zhuhai will be promoting all kinds of projects such as centralized PV power stations, DG PV projects, agrovoltaic projects, aquavoltaic projects, BIPV projects, and other demonstration projects. In particular, the city will accelerate the installations of rooftop PV systems for DG as part of its county-level PV program (that is taking place in the city’s Doumen District). The energy development strategy calls for an additional 2,000MW of PV generation by 2025.

Zhuhai will also fully support the development of a new electric power system in the Guangdong-Macao In-depth Cooperation Zone in Henqin. To ensure that the new electric power system will have a sufficient and secure flow of electricity to the meet the demand of the cooperation zone, Zhuhai will rapidly set up generation assets based on green energy technologies in its vicinity. The city aims to host an advanced energy industry. At the same time, Zhuhai will support the adoption of green energy and low-carbon technologies in the residential zones of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Moreover, the nearby Sanxi industrial park or Nanping industry park will be assigned as a site for demonstration projects involving the integration of PV and energy storage.

To push forward with Zhuhai’s energy transition, the city’s Hezhou New Area will become a low-carbon zone. Among the city’s administrative units, Hezhou will seek to become the first to attain near net-zero emissions. Furthermore, Zhuhai will be seeking investments to transform local industries so that they can attain near net-zero emissions and integrate smoothly with the residential and commercial zones. Additionally, a secured energy base will be established in the city’s Jinwan District. The base will incorporate numerous energy sources, including coal, natural gas, hydrogen, PV, and wind. The base will become the backbone of a resilient local energy supply chain that serves the entire city’s developmental needs. Turning to Doumen District, it will become a PV demonstration zone and seek to be the first among administrative units to cap CO2 emissions.

Other highlights of Zhuhai’s energy development strategy are the promotion of BIPV projects and the adoption of green energy to improve the conditions of rural communities. BIPV projects will involve setting up PV systems to support the operation of the AC systems in buildings. As for the adoption of green energy in rural communities, efforts will be made to develop and integrate a diverse range of energy sources and smart energy technologies. Examples of energy technologies that will be deployed in rural communities include wind, PV, biomass (from agricultural wastes), etc. The goal is to simultaneously expand generation capacity, improve the livelihood of people in rural communities, protect natural environment, and beautify rural areas.

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